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October 20 2010

Bradley: This is an example of what I have to put up with. Myself and Colin, on horseback, and we had to do a scene where we had to go through a rain machine. We were completely dry before we went through it and we got on these horses and Brian…
Colin: Yeah. *laughs*
Bradley:…the driver were sort of where we started, just out of shot, and we ride up and we do the scene and we get absolutely soaking wet and they get ‘cut. come back and do it again’ so we have to go back. And as we’re going back, Colin and I, side by side, on horseback, both absolutely saturated, and someone goes - I think it was Carol - went ‘awww poor Colin’
Colin: *still laughing*
Bradley: I’M RIGHT HERE! I’M..I CAN HEAR WHAT YOU’RE SAYING. ‘Oh Colin are you alright?’
Colin: Yeeah erm maybe I need a towel, just one though.
Bradley: *imitates Colin* I need a towel and a hot water bottle..and somebody..somebody to dry me off please.
Colin: Seeing this scene here -
Bradley: Oh Carol can I have a tow-? ‘No um you’re fine, yeah, alright Bradley, cool, I just..over at Colin.’
Colin: Sounds like I might have hit a nerve there you know.
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