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December 29 2012

Colin Morgan and Bradley James thoughts on the end of "Merlin".

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February 04 2012

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January 28 2012


Pranking 101: “At least at the best the French people won’t clean her room”.


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November 25 2011

November 19 2011

KATIE MCGRATH: “My eyebrow, again.”
JEREMY WEBB: “It’s a great eyebrow.” 
KATIE MCGRATH: “No, look—” 
ANGEL COULBY: “I don’t really know what you’re talking about.” 
KATIE MCGRATH: “Okay, look, if you watch—”
COLIN MORGAN: “Oh, yeah, I saw it there.”
KATIE MCGRATH: “No, not that—”
COLIN MORGAN: “[laughs] Joking!”
ANGEL COULBY: “It must be a personal thing.”
KATIE MCGRATH: “I’m going to point it out later on and it’s going to be all that you can see. It might just be a personal thing because it bothers me, but—” 
ANGEL COULBY: “I think you should point it out—” 
JEREMY WEBB: “If you all talk at the same time, they can’t hear us!
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October 19 2011

Colin: Well, it started out as a bit of an experimental piece, but then Art not being my strong topic…

Colin and Bradley’s “Merlin Quest” #9

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August 22 2011

If you could switch characters with one of your fellow actors for the day, which would it be?
Angel: I’d want to be Arthur so I could swing a sword around.
Katie: I’d want to be Uther so I could rule.
Colin: I’d be Gaius so I could get all the ladies.
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July 01 2011

Merlin Outtakes
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Bradley: I was playing football once and it was just after we’d finished season one and this guy, this defender, crunched me. Just you know, just tackled me quite ferociously and it took me a while to get off the ground and as I did he went, “WHERE’S MERLIN NOW?” and I thought, this is where it begins. This is where my life ends.
Colin: Then I just poked out from behind the corner, “Forbearnan!”
Bradley: He then was, you know, obliterated into an ashy pulp.
Colin: He died.
Bradley: Cheers, Colin.
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May 23 2011

Bradley: Which means everything is going to be A-okay. Isn’t it, Colin?
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May 01 2011

Merlin Ep. 2x10 commentary, on the scene where Arthur slaps Merlin:

Julian Murphy: And did you really hit Merlin?

Bradley James: I did…I said to Alice, can I just grab his, his…I was like, I don’t really—I’m not sure if I should whack him ‘round the face. But having said that, we’d already filmed ep. 12, where he whacked me around the face, um, when we were leaning on the door and I’m falling asleep. And he went for it. Yeah, he went for it.

Julian Murphy: So it was revenge?

Bradley James: So I, yeah, I didn’t feel as guilty about it.

Julian Murphy: And how many takes?

Bradley James: What, hitting Colin? (laughs) Um, six. I kind of held back. ‘Cause he’s only—he’s only tiny. 

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March 29 2011

March 20 2011

“See, I’m just as brave.”
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December 07 2010

Colin’s got a very dark sense of humour and I didn’t really get it at first. But I’ve found myself over the course of the first series attuning myself to this weird sense of humour and then thinking, ‘Well I must be weird because I’m getting it now.’
— Bradley James
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December 05 2010

Colin: What happened when the carrot died?
Bradley: I don’t know, what happened when the carrot died?
Colin: There was a huge turnip at the funeral.


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The two of them find each other, go to a corner, and just… banter!
—Anthony Head

Colin: A great mix in this episode, isn’t it? You’ve got the two journeys going on. 
Bradley: Yeah, and the pair who are destined to - well, the two pairings, I suppose, who are destined to end up together - in a, you know, in a different way - Lancelot and Guinevere, and Arthur and God forbid Merlin

                      - Episode Commentary
                      2x04 - Lancelot & Guinevere

And yesterday, Colin was practically asleep, we got into London about 7 in the morning, and we were talking to somebody and I said a joke, the person I was talking to didn’t laugh, but Colin woke up and went HAHAHA. And, it just-it’s just kind of, you know, I fiund myself knowing, I don’t know, just picking up on this strange wavelength that we’ve created between the pair of us, and not being a step away, until after we go: O my God, we're a pair of weirdos!
Merlin: Mackenzie Crook And Extras
audiofile: Bradley on Bonding
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November 14 2010

“I made Colin cry! Well, I made Merlin cry, but it’s the same thing”
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