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December 30 2012

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Tags: fanart
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December 29 2012

With all my Heart
Tags: Merlin fanart gif
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December 27 2012

#Sir Elyan, a true knight of Camelot.
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December 26 2012

December 10 2012

Tags: fanart
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November 17 2012

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Tags: Colin fanart
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October 17 2012

merlin: 0  mordred: 1

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October 14 2012

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September 25 2012

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proud to be British.
Tags: fanart
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September 21 2012

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September 02 2012

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Tags: gif fanart Gwaine
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June 28 2012

Merlin bookmarks from Etsy!

They even have good Morgana and evil Morgana! Soooo cute!

How Novel
Tags: fanart
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June 06 2012

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June 03 2012

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oh, okey <3
Tags: Arthur fanart
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May 31 2012

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