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June 04 2012

May 21 2012

May 16 2012

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May 12 2012

“Tell me, who is it that trumps a Princess?”
“No one…and everyone.”
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April 20 2012

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April 13 2012

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February 17 2012

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December 28 2011

December 13 2011

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soulmates | AG
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December 11 2011

December 08 2011

December 04 2011

“The Hunter’s Heart”
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December 03 2011

November 29 2011

#this wasn’t even about arthur/gwen this was about gwen leaving the only home she’s known #alone and scared and ashamed and totally fucking confused at her actions 

And not one person genuinely trying to help her. Not her brother, god forbid, even though she rescued him from Morgause and is the reason he has a secure home and knighthood.  Not Gaius whose life she saved when he was about to be burned at the stake.  Not Merlin, her best friend, whom she’s aided countless times, one that included harboring him when he was a fugitive without question. Oh and forget about Arthur, the bully she once knew, the “prat”, the man whose numerous flaws threatened to consume him, who she has always accepted and believed in blindly despite it all. Not one of them could give her the benefit of the doubt, investigate further, pose a single question in regards to this fucktastically suspicious situation. No, it’s “Gwen who must pay the price”. Honestly, the only thing the writers have to convince me of now is why she would want to return to such a place. 

Tags: fanart Gwen
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