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April 16 2012

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April 15 2012

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February 13 2012

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January 23 2012

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December 04 2011

December 01 2011

November 25 2011

November 17 2011

November 13 2011

When in doubt, throw something big and muscular on top of Gwaine
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“But Sir Gawaine had a custom that he used daily at dinner and at supper, that he loved well all manner of fruit, and in especial apples and pears.”

Le Morte d’Arthur - Book XVIII

omg you’re freaking kidding me!

*looks it up* Here’s some more!

And therefore whosomever dined or feasted Sir Gawaine would commonly purvey for good fruit for him, and so did the queen for to please Sir Gawaine; she let purvey for him all manner of fruit, for Sir Gawaine was a passing hot knight of nature.

Book XVIII, ch 3

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November 12 2011

long live the king., for Anna
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October 31 2011

How to behave around the ~love of your life~ after a near-death experience:

step 1: exchange goofy grins
step 2: hug your best friend
step 3: shake hands and/or pat your crush

(not really here at all)
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October 21 2011

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