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April 20 2012

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sunglasses, mineral water and 'Game of Thrones'... true knights ;)
Tags: Rupert Tom Eoin
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April 16 2012

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April 14 2012

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Tags: Eoin
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April 06 2012

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Tags: Tom Bradley Eoin
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April 05 2012

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Tags: Katie Eoin
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February 17 2012

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February 13 2012

Tags: Eoin Gwaine
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January 26 2012


COLIN AND BRADLEY: Just keep staring straight ahead, just don’t even look at each other. No one will know anything. They won’t suspect a thing.

TOM AND EOIN: Fuck this. Let’s tweet a picture of us all over each other. The fangirls will love it.

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December 30 2011

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December 23 2011

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Tags: Tom Rupert Eoin
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December 19 2011

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December 16 2011

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Tags: Eoin crossover
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December 11 2011

Tags: Tom Eoin
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December 07 2011

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November 22 2011

Tags: Eoin
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November 13 2011

Eoin behind the scenes of ‘Siren’
Tags: Eoin
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November 12 2011

Tags: Eoin
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October 19 2011

Tags: Eoin
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"You are two sides of the same coin"
Tags: Tom Bradley Eoin
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