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June 22 2012

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June 14 2012

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June 04 2012

May 23 2012

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May 21 2012

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May 05 2012

February 17 2012

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January 03 2012

December 28 2011

December 27 2011

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December 11 2011

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December 08 2011

December 04 2011

November 19 2011

KATIE MCGRATH: “My eyebrow, again.”
JEREMY WEBB: “It’s a great eyebrow.” 
KATIE MCGRATH: “No, look—” 
ANGEL COULBY: “I don’t really know what you’re talking about.” 
KATIE MCGRATH: “Okay, look, if you watch—”
COLIN MORGAN: “Oh, yeah, I saw it there.”
KATIE MCGRATH: “No, not that—”
COLIN MORGAN: “[laughs] Joking!”
ANGEL COULBY: “It must be a personal thing.”
KATIE MCGRATH: “I’m going to point it out later on and it’s going to be all that you can see. It might just be a personal thing because it bothers me, but—” 
ANGEL COULBY: “I think you should point it out—” 
JEREMY WEBB: “If you all talk at the same time, they can’t hear us!
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October 17 2011

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