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January 24 2014

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January 23 2014

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col and brad...
is like jensen and jared
or nathan fillion and all the cast of firefly
or david and billie
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January 17 2014

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January 01 2014

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Sorry to have been a disappointment, Merlin. I’ll try harder in future.
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December 07 2013

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November 02 2013

Merthur + Insults
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October 26 2013

when i die my tomb stone will read

still not over the ending of merlin

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October 22 2013

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September 29 2013

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"Oh! Don’t put your knee there."
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September 27 2013

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rrrroooaaah DRAGON!
oh look, goosebumps. followed by ongoing tears.
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September 24 2013

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September 14 2013

Reasons to carry poison on your person, as told by Merlin Emrys.
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September 12 2013

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September 10 2013

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