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Merlin Ep. 2x10 commentary, on the scene where Arthur slaps Merlin:

Julian Murphy: And did you really hit Merlin?

Bradley James: I did…I said to Alice, can I just grab his, his…I was like, I don’t really—I’m not sure if I should whack him ‘round the face. But having said that, we’d already filmed ep. 12, where he whacked me around the face, um, when we were leaning on the door and I’m falling asleep. And he went for it. Yeah, he went for it.

Julian Murphy: So it was revenge?

Bradley James: So I, yeah, I didn’t feel as guilty about it.

Julian Murphy: And how many takes?

Bradley James: What, hitting Colin? (laughs) Um, six. I kind of held back. ‘Cause he’s only—he’s only tiny. 

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